Concept Gardien


Concept Gardien comes with two main modules and an updater module.

  1. Concept Gardien (GService.exe) Windows Service.
  2. User interface and setup module (Guardian.exe).
  3. The updater module, called by the service (Gup.exe).

Installing Concept Gardien is quick and easy.

Here are the steps required to install and run Concept Gardien :

For compatibility issues with our old product Concept Guardian, Concept Gardien (new name) will be installed in the «Guardian» folder.

  1. Create a folder named «Guardian» in the desired location (usually C:\Guardian on the compagny server).
  2. Unzip the content of the file file, previously received from Les Progiciels Concept inc., in the newly created folder. (You may delete the file thereafter as it is not required for Concept Gardien to run).
  3. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder you created (usually C:\Guardian).
  4. Execute Concept Gardien's UI module (Guardian.exe) to start the configuration wizard and also to install the Concept Gardien Windows Service.
  5. Quit Concept Gardien (Guardian.exe) to start the Windows Service. If the UI module stays open (Guardian.exe), the service will not be able to perform its backups.
  6. Create a Windows shortcut to run Guardian.exe. The shortcut may be created either in the taskbar or directly on the desktop, as desired.

And voilà, Concept Gardien is installed and running.