Concept Gardien

Configuration Wizard

When Concept Gardien runs for the first time, a configuration wizard is launched, facilitating the activation of the backup system.

The wizard displays a welcome screen and asks to select the interface language. Select English.

User Code and Password

To activate Concept Gardien, it is necessary to enter the user Code and Password that were delivered when you purchased the program. You must enter this information and thereafter click the Validate button. A message will indicate if the entered information is valid or not. If the codes are valid, the wizard proceeds to the next step. Otherwise, verify the syntax and re-enter the information.


Concept Gardien must be configured to send e-mails to the person responsible of the company's computer systems. E-mails are sent when :

To configure the e-mail system, you must complete the following information:

If this information is unknown, contact your computer technician or your ISP.

To test the validity of the e-mail settings, click the Test button. A test e-mail is sent to the address entered. If the e-mail is received, the parameters are valid. Click Next to proceed to the next step. Otherwise, change the incorrect information and try again.

It is possible that you receive the e-mail only after several minutes, depending on your ISP. If more than five minutes have passed, it is likely that the parameters are invalid.

Link with Concept Caméléon (Accounting Software)

Concept Gardien was developed to backup Concept Caméléon's files. If you wish to backup those files, click the button to browse your system and locate the root folder of Concept Caméléon (normally \\[Your Serve Name Here]\LPC\DATA).

If Concept Caméléon is not installed, check the box "I do not have Concept Caméléon".

Click Next to proceed to the next step.

Date and time of the next backup

Concept Gardien will backup data at the scheduled time shown in the "Next backup" field.

It is strongly recommended to start the backup outside of business hours when nobody is working on the files that are part of the backup.

It is possible to display a calendar to select the date and time of the next backup.

Once the date and time of the next backup is selected, click Next.

Concept Gardien is now activated

The configuration steps are completed. Click the OK button.

It is recommended to revise the settings by selecting "Parameters" from the left menu. Some additional parameters are available. See the Parameters section for more information.

It is now time to add Backup Sets.