Cloud Backup Solution

Powerful Automated Cloud and Local Backup Solution


Concept Gardien secures its archived files by using a 256 bit encryption key. This format is one of the safest available today. It is virtually impossible for anyone to decode the archive without the correct password.

Concept Gardien brings peace of mind knowing that you don't ever have to worry about your backups.

Concept Gardien is THE solution to save all your data in a secure facility. Dropbox, USB key, local hard disk copy are not the ideal solution to protect all your data.

Concept Gardien keeps your precious data securely out of your company!

In Good Hands!

Concept Gardien has been designed from the ground up with reliability in mind. For this reason, an e-mail message is sent when the countdown has reached the end, whether or not a backup have been performed.

The e-mail clearly indicates if the backup has been completed with or without errors or if it simply has not been performed (no backups programmed during weekends, for example). If Concept Gardien does not send an e-mail, this means the system on which it is running is malfunctioning and some troubleshooting is required.

What could be more reassuring!

Easy to use

Like 1-2-3

A streamlined and easy to use icon-based interface, supported by clear text allows anyone to quickly master the program and its functions.

Ask yourself these questions

  • Is your data in a safe place?
  • Did you verify your Backup lately?
  • Do you have a daily Backup?
  • Do you have a monthly or yearly Backup?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, consider this:

  • Get up to 45 days of daily backups;
  • Automatic monthly and yearly backup;
  • Data is secured using a 256-bit encryption key;
  • No incremental backups: Concept Gardien is NOT based on file dates and timestamps;
  • Your data is stored in the Clouds in a Canadian secure facility;
  • Get notifications of successful and unsuccessful backups.
  • This service is much safer than what the competition offers.

Get a full and reliable backup each time!