Cloud Backup System

Our technician will install Concept Gardien using an Internet connection. He will then perform a transmission test backup. The initial cost of $225 includes: the first monthly payment, the installation and a test backup.

This service includes:

  • Data size monitoring on the server;
  • UNLIMITED programmable Backup Sets;
  • UNLIMITED Backups;
  • Data storage in Canada (for protection against the USA Patriot Act);
  • Protected against power failures 24h a day, theft, viruses and illicit accesses;
  • Data recovery system;
  • Outcome and unplanned backup Email notifications;
  • Backup Word and Excel documents;
  • Backup Email data;
  • Programmable sets and on demand manual backups;
  • Monthly and Annual Backups.


Double Security with our Local Backup

  • We can also make an additional secure backup on a Local, LAN or USB hard drive.


Optional monthly file verification system:

  • Recovery of the last backup set (one day back);
  • Decompression, decryption and verification of the file structure. This service excludes the audit of file contents;
  • This option is offered for only $59.95 per month plus a $0.25 fee for each 1 GB based on the Backup Plan.

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Each additional 1 GB will be charged at 5.00$. The customer can change its monthly plan if it exceeds each month.
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Days to perform Backups based on your business hours



Monday Wednesday Friday Sunday
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  Full Monthly Backup of your data (12 Backups per year)
  Full Annual Backup of your data (1 Backup per year)
  Full Backup on a Local, LAN or USB hard drive.
  Hours of Operation from to
Example: from 9h00am to 5h00pm. This will help establish when to start the Backup.

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